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Pangolin Server Settings

Pangolin provides a settings page to set different configuration options for Pangolin Server.
To access it, just navigate to the main page and click on "Settings" link.


If you are not logged in, it will redirect you on a login screen:


  • Default user name: admin
  • Password: admin

Please see server security for details

Attachment Storage settings tab

Pangolin Server could upload test report attachments into TestRail directly or into various external systems and post URL into step's actual fields.

By default, Pangolin uploads attachments directly into TestRail:

Attachment Settings

If you want to use external attachment storage, this storage must be configured first:

Attachment Settings

Field Name Description
Type Type of external storage: S3 - Amazon S3, Minio - Minio private cloud storage
URL Base URL for external storage. For S3 - , for Minio - use your Minio server URL, like http://minio:9000
API Key API key
Secret Key Secret key
Folder path Path to a folder where attachments should be put into, e.g. bucketName/folder1/folder2
Region Region name (for S3 only). If it's not set, then the us-east-1 is used by default
Disable upload attachments Disable uploading of attachment into S3/Minio

TestRail settings tab

TestRail settings tab provides the following configuration capabilities:

Project Fields

Since TestRail is highly customizable, users might need to adjust the default Pangolin settings to be able to export their test data correctly.
This tab provides an ability to define different field names for different TestRail servers and projects.

Adding a new configuration for TestRail project

To add a new configuration, click on a "Add new project" button:

Project Fields

Fill the following fields in "Create New Project" dialog:

  • TestRail Server URL - base URL for TestRail server, e.g.
  • TestRail Project Name - name of a TestRail project to configure
  • Cucumber Tags Fields - name of custom Case Field into which Pangolin will export information about tags from Cucumber report. Leave it empy if you don't use Cucumber reports or don't want tags appear in TestRail
  • Step Results Field - name of custom Result Field into which test results should be stored. The type of this field in TestRail must be "Step Results". Default value is "custom_step_results"
  • Test Case Template - name of test case template which should be used for test cases. If it's not set, then "Test Case (Steps)" will be used.

Project Fields

After filling out all required fields, click on "Save button" and configuration will be saved.

To update/delete configurations use "Edit" and "Delete" buttons in "Action" column of a configurations grid:

Project Fields

Proxy settings tab

Proxy settings tab allows users to setup proxy server parameters in case if there is a proxy server between Pangolin Server and TestRail:

Proxy Settings

To setup proxy settings, fill the following properties:

  • Proxy Host - proxy protocol name and host name, e.g: http://proxyserver
  • Proxy Port - proxy port
  • Proxy User - user name, if proxy server requires authentication
  • Proxy Password - password, if proxy server requires authentication

and click on "Save" button.

To temporary disable proxy configuration - check "Disabled" checkbox.